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Dream Supercar – What to Know About the McLaren 720s


When you hear the word “supercar”, there are probably a few names that come to your mind. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, are likely candidates, but what about McLaren? This company has been producing top-notch supercars like the Mclaren 570s for a while now, and they are starting to gain some recognition among supercar enthusiasts and the auto industry in general.

Their latest masterpiece, the McLaren 720s, has been turning heads around the world. With a look that’s perfectly modern and sleek without being too futuristic, the 720s is definitely a sight to behold. It’s not lacking anything on the inside either, practically every McLaren 720s review is raving about its engine. Let’s break down the McLaren 720s and take a look at what makes it one of the most impressive supercars on the market today.

Under the Hood

The McLaren might be attractive on the outside, resembling the coolest Hotwheels car you had as a kid, but it’s packing some serious power under the hood as well. Powered by a twin-turbo V-8 4.0-liter engine with a whopping 720 horsepower, this car can move. When you first test the 2018 McLaren 720s, you will quickly find out that it goes from zero to sixty in a stunning 2.7 seconds.

Amazingly Smooth

To have that much power in one vehicle you have to sacrifice something right? Not necessarily. The McLaren 720s isn’t impressive in terms of torque, but it was able to maintain its drivability while still packing big power in the engine. It features things like drift mode, for those who want to unleash their inner Ken Block.

It’s also got sport, track, and comfort settings that optimize your car for driving on an actual track or just cruising around. This lets it effortlessly adapt to almost any kind of terrain without putting the smoothness of your drive in jeopardy. Cruising in this car is surprisingly civilized and quiet, even by supercar standards.

McLaren 720s Specs

There’s plenty to keep you entertained as well, thanks to a touchscreen infotainment system. There are also other goodies like the digital gauge system hidden away in the dashboard, and the superior chassis which enables incredible suspension while not hindering the handling of the ride at all. Even with the extra thick chassis, however, the 720s still weighs in at a modest 3,161lbs.

One extremely unique thing about the McLaren 720s is that the steering wheel twitches and moves in your hand, responding to changes in the road as you go. The faster you go, the more feedback you’ll receive from the wheel, essentially merging you with the car as you accelerate.

At such high speeds, it can be hard to see dips and other oddities in the road, so the steering wheel is able to sense these things as they are coming up, and gently twitch and nudge itself whatever way you should steer it.


As you would expect, a supercar of this magnitude doesn’t exactly come cheap. The starting price for a brand new McLaren 720s is $288,845. Although you can design your own with the McLaren configurator tool online, which might see the price adjusted up or down slightly depending on how to choose to design it. Either way, if you can afford to own a 720s, consider yourself among the lucky few.

More Reasons to Consider the 720s

It’s no Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder, but McLaren continues to outdo themselves with each progressing model. The McLaren 720s is no exception. This supercar has everything supercar enthusiasts look for, and more. With an unbelievably smooth drive and exceptional new features like a hyper-responsive steering wheel plus a touchscreen infotainment system, this car is leading a wave of next-gen vehicles soon to arrive on our doorstep.

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