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Fast Lane Drive Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With “San Diego to Vegas Drive”


San Diego’s very own exclusive auto club, Fast Lane Drive, hosted their “San Diego to Las Vegas Drive” the weekend of January 25th, 2019 to celebrate their one-year anniversary. The plan was simple – meet up at The Vault San Diego, cruise to Las Vegas together, and have a great time.



Day One – Friday:

The meeting place was The Vault event venue, hosted by Modern Image San Diego – a Vinyl Wrapping and Window Tinting Company. As members started to arrive in their vehicles Friday afternoon, fitted with exclusive Fast Lane Drive decals, founders Connor, Letellier, and El All were excited to get their weekend-long anniversary celebration underway. After a quick mingling and address from the founders, it was time to roll out.



The drive was pleasant, a straight shot down the 15 freeway, making it to Encore Las Vegas with enough time to go out for the night. Dinner was at the infamous Andrea’s Asian Cuisine Restaurant for some elegant dining, but with a big day ahead of them, Fast Lane members knew rest was important.

Day Two – Saturday:

To start out Day Two, Fast Lane Drive started with a great breakfast and a cup of coffee at Encore to get prepared for the day. The first destination was SpeedVegas to start out the group activities of the day.

They started with some supercar circuits and courses, where each of the members could partake in drifting the car of their choice, followed by the main activity of the afternoon: Off-road Trophy Truck Driving. The crew had a great time here, spending hours airing the trucks out around the circuit, hitting big jumps, and racing. After the racing had commenced, it was time to get ready for the evening’s events, and the team took a picturesque drive in their own vehicles down the Las Vegas strip during sunset – it was an idyllic sight.



Following all the activities for the afternoon, the club reconvened just in time to hop on a party bus at the Cosmopolitan together. The party bus first took them to an elegant dinner at STK Steakhouse, making for a great bonding experience together. Coincidentally, Saturday was also (founder) Diaa’s 30th birthday!! And what better way to celebrate this milestone then at Marquee Night Club – sponsor of Fast Lane Drive – with a great group of friends and club members by your side? As Clement might say – À la vôtre !


Day Three – Sunday:

Sunday’s festivities were short-lived, appropriately so after their memorable and late night. Most everybody got together for breakfast to reflect on the previous two days and mingle. To save the miles on their vehicles, most of the members opted to ship their cars back to their respective homes and fly back to San Diego as a group.

All good things must come to an end. But fortunately for the Fast Lane Drive crew, they knew that this “goodbye”, was actually more of a “see you later”. With more drives, outings, and charity events coming in the next couple of months, everyone here has a lot to look forward to, and a bright future ahead.


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Best bottle service I’ve ever been a part of. Fastlane is a class act” – Raymond

“Definately a memorable night. Let’s go again!!” -Ankur

“I’ve never felt so close to a group of like-minded people before. Thanks again, guys!” -Eric  


Fast Lane Drive Auto Club

Fast Lane Drive is an exotic and rare automobile club based out of San Diego, CA. The club was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who sport a distinguished taste in cars and culture alike. Founders Clement Connor, Giovanni Letellier, and Diaa El All have a goal to grow this club into a large networking group for young entrepreneurs and executives to have some fun and appreciate exotic cars. What people especially like about Fast Lane Drive is their inclusivity of all people, and overall acceptability and positivity – no bad vibes or judgments here.  

If you’re interested in joining Fast Lane Drive, check out their website to learn more and apply to become a member.