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Fast Lane Drive – 9 of the Most Scenic Routes on the West Coast

No one does a scenic drive better than James Bond. His famous Aston Martin has seen many noteworthy coastlines and mountain roads, becoming a sort of motif for his grandiose life as an international spy. Thanks to James Bond and other images in film, scenic drives are what encourage us to “go for a drive.”…

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Instagram-Worthy Spots in San Diego You Have to Take Your Supercar

There’s nothing better than hitting the road and enjoying the beautiful coastal or mountain scenery in your sleek and sexy supercar. As a group located in San Diego, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by endless natural beauty with hundreds of perfect backdrops for photos. Whether seeking a photoshoot spot for yourself or taking pictures of…

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Top 5 Local Driving Routes in Southern California

California is known for its stunning views. The varied terrain covers nearly every form of ecosystem, and no matter your favorite type of scenery, this state seems to have it all. Of course, California’s populous nature means that it has great routes through every city, mountain, and landscape you could possibly want to visit.   …

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