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About Fast Lane Drive

More than just Supercars—a club that gives back.

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About Fast Lane Drive

About Us

The Roots of Our Story

Fast Lane Drive was founded in 2018, long before it was the highly exclusive, members-only supercar club that it is today. Would-be co-founders Clement, Diaa, and Giovanni once casually assembled a group of close friends and fellow car enthusiasts to go for a group drive through San Diego. The plan was to caravan through the windy roads and ultimately enjoy a meal with friends, stopping to enjoy the views along the way. Right away, the group was planning future drives and inviting friends to the club they would soon call Fast Lane Drive. Nearly five years later, Fast Lane has over 100 members in San Diego and a network of several hundred members around the globe, featuring cars like the McLaren P1 and a Ford GT in its rally lineup.

Though the club has seen massive growth in the last few years, our members still have a strong bond. We’re happy to say that we’ve cultivated a community of supercar owners who love driving their supercars, meeting like-minded enthusiasts, and giving back to their community.