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Perks of Joining the Fast Lane Drive Community

9月 10, 2020 Arizona, Community, Los Angeles, San Diego

Finding your place within a bigger community is an essential part of life. Those with more connections enjoy better health and relationships and find a deeper sense of meaning.

When you love cars the way we do, it only makes sense to find that community by joining a car club — it’s our passion, and we want to share it! However, joining just any car club might not provide you with the friendships you’re looking for. 

For many, the best car clubs go beyond the vehicles. At Fast Lane Drive, we’re as focused on nurturing our community as much as we are talking about different facets of our beloved cars. The perks of joining FLD include attending exclusive events, track activities, networking opportunities, making friends, making a philanthropic impact, and, of course, embarking on thrilling driving excursions. Read on to see how FLD perks can benefit you.

Exclusive Events

One of the perks Fast Lane Drive offers to its car club members is access to exclusive events. These get-togethers are only for Fast Lane Drive members, giving all of us the chance to feel like we’re a part of something special. 

These events may be on or off the road, giving our club a versatility not provided by car clubs that are just driving centric. It often means getting to attend lavish functions and parties with our fellow members. They’re a ton of fun and add a layer to our car club experience. Making memories with friends on weekends makes the weekdays so much better.


Our members are usually passionate about business and entrepreneurship, as well as exotic sports cars. When you join an exclusive car club, you’re not just meeting these people but becoming part of their community. Fast Lane Drive is a great way to network and make friends with like-minded people with similar passions. Your next business partner, client, or employee may already be on the asphalt with us. 

Driving Excursions & Travel

Of course, at FLD, we drive! Part of our perks include getting to drive to the most beautiful places within the SoCal area, plus those that go a little beyond (when you’re down for a longer trip). Some of our drives take us out of the sunshine state into Nevada, Arizona, and other neighboring states, giving us the chance to travel alongside like-minded friends.

With our driving excursions, you’ll get the chance to see so much of the area that you might not otherwise know about. Our past group drives included exploring Viejas, Malibu, and Vegas, among many others. Our most recent events include driving through Arizona, San Diego, and kicking off our 3rd anniversary at Thermal Palm Springs, a three-day extravaganza that involves private pavement, poolside parties, and intimate dinners. 

Fun Community

When we created Fast Lane Drive, we knew we wanted a group down for fun rather than competition. We’re proud of how welcoming our existing members are to new members. Our shared passion for cars helps friendships form quickly. 

Especially for those busy during weekdays, FLD gives you a great place to be on the weekends. Knowledgeable members can help you learn more about your ride and welcome your experience and insight as well. We’re always looking for new members to add to the fun; it could be you!

Driving to Support a Cause

One notable aspect of Fast Lane Drive is our philanthropic endeavors. We do lots of charity events, a quality that lends our car club deep meaning.

Join Fast Lane Drive’s Car Club  

As you can see, joining Fast Lane Drive comes with benefits that you can’t get at other car clubs. Some car clubs are just about cars.  Only FLD puts significant effort into community building. For more information, you can visit our YouTube channel.

When you contact us to ask your questions, one of our members will give you all of the info you need and tell you about their personal experience with joining Fast Lane Drive. To apply to join Fast Lane Drive, head to our website and fill out the “Become a Member” form on the homepage. Please don’t wait to contact us; our next event is always closer than it feels, and you don’t want to miss out on an adventure with Fast Lane Drive!