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Fast Lane Drive

Exotic Car Club in Scottsdale, AZ

Experience an exclusive club like no other. Founded on philanthropy and networking, we go further, faster!

Who We Are

Premiere Exotic Car Club in Scottsdale

Fast Lane Drive is a members-only car club in Scottsdale, Arizona. We bring networking, philanthropy, and a passion for sports cars together at our events. We’re excited to launch our Arizona chapter and spread more of the Fast Lane spirit. We are built of entrepreneurs, business people, and car enthusiasts that share a common goal—to unite Scottsdale’s exotic car lovers in a fun, exciting way. We currently have chapters in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale.

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What We're About

Whether it’s a drive through the majestic red rocks of Sedona or 18 holes on some of the best golf courses in the world, Fast Lane Drive knows how to have a good time. Occupying the sunny city of Scottsdale, we’re bringing an exclusive community experience you won’t want to miss.


Of Community

One of our core values is philanthropy. Admittance to our exclusive club demonstrates your commitment to giving back and making a difference in your community. As we expand our auto club into Arizona, we can’t wait to partner with new organizations.

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Your Network is Your Net Worth

Fast Lane Drive’s Scottsdale car club has some of the greatest minds across various industries. Gaining membership grants you the opportunity to network with these individuals to help you grow.


Upcoming Events

Fast Lane Drive is one of Scottsdale’s finest social clubs. Join us for exclusive events on the road and off-the-clock.


Enjoy Special Benefits

Annual Partners

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  • Fast Lane Drive creates different opportunities and activities for partners to benefit from social media, print publications, progressive media, product placement, branding and live audience presence.
  • Partners are helping to get Fast Lane Drive in front of hundreds of thousands of automotive lifestyle enthusiasts and expanded our brand.
  • We believe in giving back to the community and have partnered with worthy organizations whose missions are to support a good cause.