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How Fast Lane Drive Gives Back

If you’re looking for a car club that loves driving as much as giving back, Fast Lane Drive might be the car club for you.


How Fast Lane Drive Gives Back

You likely know Fast Lane Drive for our role on the road, but we’re also known for our role in our community. While one of our passions is cars, another one of them is finding meaningful ways to give back through philanthropic endeavors. Our traveling and driving takes us to many different cities, and we’ve explored the winding roads of California, Nevada, Arizona, and other states. This exposure to the grand world around us, filled with unique communities with varying needs, gives us new perspectives each time we rally and drive.

At Fast Lane, we believe in not just giving back, but having fun while you do it — which is where our cars come in. Learn a little bit about how Fast Lane Drive is putting donations behind the wheel while also putting community first.

How We Support
Local Communities

Voices for Children

Voices for Children is a San Diego charity that transforms the lives of children experiencing abuse, abandonment, or neglect. Voices for Children believes that every child deserves a safe and permanent home, and we at Fast Lane Drive agree. Through donations, the charity provides CASA volunteers to every child, and advocates to improve the lives of children in the foster care system as a whole.

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San Diego Coastkeeper

Water in San Diego is a scarce and precious resource. San Diego receives just 10 inches of rainfall annually, an amount likely to shift unpredictably with climate change. This creates a limited water supply with 80% of water being imported from far-away places. To compound the problem, pesticides, motor oil, pet waste, bacteria, and other toxins create polluted urban runoff, significantly impacting the region’s waterways. These threats cause health risks for the public as well as aquatic and marine wildlife.

As the 35th class of Ascension Leadership Academy, we are taking a stand to transform the rivers, streams, and coastline of San Diego by partnering with San Diego Coastkeeper. This 501c3 non-profit advocates for marine protected areas, educates students about the environment and ecological stewardship, hosts volunteer cleanups, advocates for community-driven solutions, and uses legal and practical means to improve water quality throughout the region.

When you contribute as part of this effort, you take direct action to protect and restore the aquatic ecosystems that sustain life in San Diego.


Car Clubs’ Role in the Community

Car clubs bring together many like-minded people who share one common passion. There’s certainly a networking aspect to it, and joining a car club gives you the chance to befriend many people you wouldn't have met otherwise. While connected by our love for cars, rallies, and driving, our group at Fast Lane Drive is endlessly diverse in their personal lives. This gives us an opportunity to change our community and those around us through the personal experiences and connections of each member. It’s with this diversity that new concepts for community outreach are created and different philanthropic organizations come into the limelight for us.

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Passion for a Car Community

Finding a car community that balances passion, community, networking, and charity this well is rare, and that’s why our members love being a part of Fast Lane Drive so much. We proudly support many other organizations beyond those listed here, including the M.O.S.T. Foundation and SDPD.

If you're looking to make friends, hit the road, and share your passion for driving with people who also want to give back, Fast Lane Drive is the car club for you. To join the family, simply click "Become a Member" on our website and fill out the form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. While exclusive, Fast Lane Drive is always looking for new members that also want to give back while having fun.


Supporting National Charities and Our Plans for the Future

Our philanthropic aspect goes beyond our community, and we strive to make an impact everywhere we can. A portion of our proceeds often benefits national charities and organizations chosen by the club as a whole based on need. Fast Lane Drive intends on consistently prioritizing philanthropy, ideally raising more each year for charities doing important work.

Our plans include bringing more and more philanthropies into our list of donations, and we’re open to suggestions from our communities, partners, and members within our club. We often choose philanthropies based on what is close to our car club members’ hearts, which makes the fundraising we do even more impactful and meaningful.

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