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Experience an exclusive auto club like no other. Founded on philanthropy and networking, we go further, faster!


Premiere Exotic Car Club in Monaco

Who We Are

Fast Lane Drive is an exclusive, members-only networking group and car club in Monaco. We believe networking, philanthropy, and a passion for supercars have the power to bring us together. We’re excited to have launched our Monaco chapter in 2023 and spread more of the Fast Lane Drive spirit. Our private social club is made up of Monaco entrepreneurs, business owners, and car enthusiasts looking for a place to come together a fun and exciting way.

What We're About

From rows of colorful architecture to luxurious beachside yachts, our scenic drives are unparalleled. In a city where luxury meets fun, there’s nothing stopping Fast Lane Drive from having a good time.


Pillar of Community

One of our core values is philanthropy. Admittance to our exclusive club requires a commitment to giving back and making a difference the chapter community. As we expand our Monaco car club, we’re partnering with local organizations across the country, from the Monte Carlo to Monaco-Ville.

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Network is your net worth

We bring together like-minded individuals who share a common interest in exotic cars. Fast Lane Drive's networking events in Monaco host some of the sharpest minds across many industries. You’ll get the opportunity to network and create meaningful connections with other high-level individuals. Plus, membership to any chapter gives you access to chapters around the globe. Travel in style by attending events and expanding your network through Fast Lane Drive’s growing impact.

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Annual Partners

  • 03 Modern Image
  • 04 Viejas
  • Melin
  • BCIS
  • Procopio
  • Unite
  • Go 247
  • Kenetik

Event Partners

  • 13 Lamborghini
  • 14 McLaren
  • 15 Rolls Royce
  • 16 Bentley

Fast Lane Drive creates different opportunities and activities for partners to benefit from social media, print publications, progressive media, product placement, branding and live audience presence.


Partners are helping to get Fast Lane Drive in front of hundreds of thousands of automotive lifestyle enthusiasts and expanded our brand.


We believe in giving back to the community and have partnered with worthy organizations whose missions are to support a good cause.

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