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The Top 5 Most Exclusive Car Clubs in the World

November 1, 2022 Cars, Community

Looking to take your passion for exotic cars further while being in the company of other luxury car lovers and giving back to those less fortunate while you’re at it? Look no further. Keep reading for the world’s top five most popular car clubs, each with a unique focus spanning philanthropy, exclusive parties and events, recreational races, and more.

1. Fast Lane Drive

Fast Lane Drive is a rapidly growing exotic car club with chapters in LA, Scottsdale, Miami, San Diego, and Las Vegas. While their primary focus is on the appreciation and enjoyment of exotic and luxury cars among like-minded company, they’re also a philanthropic organization that hosts exclusive charity events for its members, such as black-tie galas, exclusive daytime events, and more. One of the most popular car clubs in the US, this members-only club is an all-in-one opportunity for networking, recreation, and philanthropy. 

2. Supercar Club Arabia

Highlighting the region’s widespread love and appreciation of exotic cars (Some of the largest collections of exotic cars are located in Arabian countries), Supercar Club Arabia was founded in 2014 in the United Arab Emirates. This club provides a community for supercar owners to enjoy their vehicles while connecting with a like-minded community. 

Also a plus – This club isn’t strictly bound to the UAE. They host road trips across both North America and Europe, and their most recent road trip started in Italy and ended up in Spain. Learn more about the club – One of the most popular car clubs globally –  on their Instagram here.

3. P1 Supercar Club

Named after the colloquial motoring term P1, meaning first position or number one, P1 Supercar Club was established in 2000. Based out of the UK and Switzerland, it operates out of its two core branches and is one of the most popular car clubs in the UK. 

Membership perks of this exclusive club include the ability to tour the club’s curated, limited roster of elite luxury supercar vehicles at various locations. But rather than requiring a high entrance fee as a club of that sort typically would, the cost of entry starts at only $1,000/year.

4. McLaren F1 Owners Club

One of the most prestigious clubs on the list, the McLaren F1 Owners Club, is – as the name might have you guess – for McLaren owners only. Primarily open to McLaren F1 Owners, the club welcomes owners of any McLaren products within the Ultimate Series – including the P1, Senna, and Speedtail. Up for the challenge? Learn more about what the club offers here.

5. The Thermal Club

Founded with the intention of evoking the feeling of a country club, like others within the founders’ home of the Coachella Valley, the Thermal Club is a fresh take on the concept – Replace a golf course with a horse track, and with a focus on – You guessed it – the enjoyment of luxury cars. Composed of a collection of three tracks, at least one open at any time, all three tracks open once a month, resulting in a complete 5-mile circuit. 

Membership to this club will cost you the purchase of a plot of land, or villa, for the sweet price of $600,000-2.3 million. Luckily, the track is available to non-members through driving courses provided by BMW and Mini. Learn more about the club and track here.

Join a Car Club Near You!

If you’re like us, you want to drive your supercar as much as possible. Fast Lane Drive, one of the finest motor car clubs in the world, has locations across the United States so car enthusiasts coast to coast can join the fun. Get on the waitlist today!