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Driving For A Cause: Fast Lane’s San Diego Car Club Mission

June 26, 2023 Philanthropy, San Diego

Welcome to the San Diego chapter of Fast Lane Drive, where our passion for luxury cars extends beyond the speed and adrenaline rush. As a philanthropic organization, we pride ourselves on giving back to our community and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Join us in our mission to make a difference while enjoying the ride of a lifetime.

Charity Drive for Voices for Children: Giving the Ride of Their Lifetime

At Fast Lane Drive’s San Diego Car Club, we take pride in giving back to our community. One of our most memorable philanthropic events was the charity drive we held for Voices for Children, a non-profit organization that supports children in foster care. 

You can watch the highlights from our day here:

It was an incredible honor for us to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for these amazing kids. The day began with an exclusive meet and greet with our esteemed members and their awe-inspiring supercars. The kids were over the moon to be able to see these luxurious and powerful vehicles up close and personal.

As soon as we hit the road, it was pure exhilaration as they got to ride shot-gun with our members during an unforgettable drive around the beautiful city of San Diego, CA. Witnessing their unbridled joy as they raced around the streets in these incredible cars was truly heartwarming.

We made sure to take frequent breaks throughout the day, providing opportunities for the kids to snap photos with the cars and chat with our drivers. The group even stopped at a local pizza joint for lunch, where the kids got to indulge in their favorite toppings while bonding with our members over their shared love of speed.

During lunch, Fast Lane Drive members shared their inspiring stories with the kids, showing them that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. It was a heartwarming experience that highlighted the power of using our love of cars to make a positive impact on the world.

This event was a tremendous success, and we were humbled to be able to give back to such an incredible organization. At Fast Lane Drive San Diego, we remain committed to using our passion for cars to help make a positive impact in our community. We look forward to continuing to find new ways to spread joy and give back to those who need it most.

Join Our San Diego Car Club!

Joining Fast Lane Drive not only offers the opportunity to indulge in the ultimate driving experience but also the chance to give back to the community. The San Diego chapter’s philanthropic efforts with Voices for Children are just one example of how Fast Lane Drive members are making a positive impact.

By becoming a member, you’ll not only have the chance to drive exotic cars and attend exclusive events but also the chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Join the Fast Lane Drive family and experience the thrill of the ride.