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How to Get Involved with Nonprofit Organizations in Los Angeles

July 15, 2022 Community, Los Angeles, Philanthropy

Making an impact in your community is wonderful, but navigating the volunteer scene can be challenging. If you’re passionate about supporting nonprofits but aren’t sure how to get started, use this guide for nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles.  

Why Get Involved with Los Angeles Nonprofits

Los Angeles nonprofits can only operate when they have people like you helping them do their important work. Beyond how exemplary volunteerism can make you feel, getting involved with Los Angeles nonprofits has several additional benefits:

  • You feel a sense of purpose. Anyone can work toward a paycheck, but it takes a special person to donate their time and resources to a cause. 
  • Your community will thank you. Nonprofits work best when they have a solid network of volunteers working on their behalf. You can be a part of that movement.
  • You can make new friends. Make new social connections. You may find those friendships more meaningful because you already have philanthropy in common.
  • You can make professional connections. Volunteerism can lead to professional opportunities that could start a great new career.
  • You can have fun while giving back. Some local nonprofits put on unique charity events in Los Angeles. No rules say you can’t give back and have fun.

How to Get Started with Philanthropic Work

You may think you don’t have time for heavy-duty volunteering, but there are levels to connecting with a nonprofit that can work with any schedule. Ready to get started? Here are a few tips to get going with your charity work.

Identify your commitment level.

Some may want to dive right in with long-term volunteer projects, while others prefer to donate. Any level of commitment is welcome by nonprofits around Los Angeles. You should know what you’re willing to give before reaching out to the nonprofit of your choice.

Find your focus.

Choosing one charity rather than spreading yourself thin can make for a more meaningful experience for you. Look for sectors that fit your interests if you want a long-term relationship. That may be environmental work, support at your local hospital, or even volunteer tutoring services. 

Reach out to nonprofits.

If you want to volunteer your time, you may need to do some digging to find nonprofits taking volunteers at the moment. Food pantries, for example, are very busy during the fall and winter holidays but would likely love more help and donations during the rest of the year. 

If your first choice doesn’t need volunteers when you reach out, don’t worry. You can always donate first or reach out to other similar Los Angeles nonprofits. There are many worthy organizations to choose from as you navigate Los Angeles charities.

Finding the Right Nonprofit Organizations in Los Angeles

As a big, vibrant city, Los Angeles likely has a charity no matter what you’re looking for, including how much time you have to devote to philanthropic work. Here are a few options: 

  • Chrysalis: This nonprofit focuses on job preparedness and transitional services for the city’s homeless population. They also provide paid employment through their organization to give people the needed job experience.
  • Create Now: If you want to help at-risk youth, Create Now links teens with local arts programs to help them not only create but thrive under difficult circumstances. You can apply to become a mentor if you want a more hands-on role.
  • The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank: If you’re looking for a comfortable regular donation spot, this is it. Help this downtown Los Angeles nonprofit collect and distribute food and other necessary items to those in need around the city. 
  • Taking the Reins: Horsepower fans of a different sort will love opportunities to volunteer with this nonprofit. The organization works with at-risk girls by introducing them to horse riding, caretaking, and general life on the farm.
  • Fast Lane Drive: While our members are passionate about cars, they also put philanthropy first. At Fast Lane, a big priority is ensuring we give back to the community. No matter where we start a new chapter, we spend much of our time on philanthropy.

Join a Social Club that Gives Back

We love bringing like-minded car enthusiasts together at Fast Lane Drive, but there’s another piece of our mission that is just as important. All our members know that philanthropy and charity work are essential components of their membership. If you join Fast Lane Drive, you’re also signing on to join us in philanthropic work. 

One of the nonprofits we support is Voices for Children, a group that works to link Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASAs, with children in the foster care system. CASAs are volunteers who advocate for the best interests of these kids. 

The nonprofit was an easy choice as we narrowed our options for the first organizations to support. Some of our members have come through the foster care system and remember how important it was to have someone to advocate for them throughout the process. 

If supporting nonprofits like Voices for Children sounds like it could be meaningful to you, join us at Fast Lane Drive. Help us make our communities just a little bit better.