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5 Elements of the Ultimate Afterparty

January 14, 2021 Arizona, Community, Events, Los Angeles, San Diego

Afterparties are where members gather to eat, drink, sing, dance, and have a great time following an event. Our afterparty necessities include gourmet food, specialty cocktails, ceremonial drinks, prominent musical guests, good vibes, and plenty of space to dance. But most of all, the main essential is being surrounded by the amazing people of Fast Lane! 

Whether it’s a crowd of people singing Happy Birthday to one of our members or a charity benefit for children, each afterparty feels special and memorable. Learn more about how we plan five elements of our afterparties by reading on.

The Venue

Where you’re hosting your afterparty is an essential component, and sets the tone for your entire event. We’d advise that you start planning early because the best venues always get booked fast! 

If your afterparty is following a prior party and not a separate event, try to schedule a separate venue from the main event. Keep it close enough that traveling to the afterparty isn’t tedious, but separate enough that the afterparty retains an air of exclusivity. Ideal venues have space to eat, drink, dance, and socialize. We prefer venues with a dance floor and lots of mingling space!

The Entertainment

Entertainment comes in many forms, and which you choose is dependent on the overall vibe of your afterparty. Some common choices for entertainment include musicians, magicians (the adult kind), or interactive activities. 

Afterparty entertainment is vital because it keeps guests, well, entertained! Entertainment ultimately allows for a better atmosphere and encourages socialization between guests over a common shared experience. At Fast Lane Drive, we especially enjoy a prominent DJ as our form of entertainment!

The Music

While musical entertainment is often the center of an afterparty, not every event has a musical guest. Even when they do, there’s usually not a singular DJ, rapper, band, or artist that performs for the entire duration of the event. 

It’s always good to have a backup playlist to play during the party, and Fast Lane Drive will have our members create custom playlists with top afterparty songs if ever necessary. Some of them are even ones we all share a memory to, often a song that’s reminiscent of a past event or trip we’ve taken!

The Food & Drinks

There’s something to be said about an event with exquisite cuisine. The best afterparties aren’t modest, and instead embrace gourmet foods and crafted cocktails. Afterparties are exactly what their name implies — a party! — and therefore splurging on guests and treating yourself is always a must. 

With that said, you can’t just throw any tasty food into the mix; your refreshments need to match the atmosphere. Finger foods are more casual, appetizers are good for earlier events, and an afterparty with a meal is typically a more elegant and proper event. 

When possible, an open bar is preferred and ceremonial drinks are a must. As with any party, it’s good to have lots of variety to ensure you have small bites and cocktails that suit everyone. Keep in mind that the food provided is what gives guests the energy to dance, drink, and have fun — so make it good!

The People

Of course, no afterparty is complete without the party itself! Who you have at the afterparty determines how the party will go, no matter how much planning you’ve done for all the aforementioned aspects. When creating your invite list, choose all of the people you couldn’t imagine a party without. 

At Fast Lane Drive, this is easy for us — our nearly one hundred members are always invited to our exclusive events and afterparties. There are many events that also allow for a plus one, and whether or not you want plus ones is determinant on the goal of the afterparty.

Come Celebrate With Fast Lane Drive

Whether the afterparty is at a private residence or taking over a restaurant, Fast Lane doesn’t disappoint with our attention to detail when it comes to providing the ultimate member experience. As our community continues to grow, we keep setting the bar higher and higher, and new members always bring about creative and innovative suggestions. 

During our time as an automotive lifestyle club, Fast Lane has embarked on roads near and far, with festivities that always follow. We ultimately believe that it’s not where you are, but who you’re with that makes the difference here at Fast Lane Drive. 

If driving and partying with us sounds your speed, apply to become a member today on our website! Our club is almost at max capacity, so now is your chance to become a part of the Fast Lane community.