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All About Our Exclusive FLD Events

September 24, 2020 Arizona, Events, Los Angeles, San Diego

As one of the most prominent car clubs in the Southern California area, Fast Lane Drive offers many perks beyond those offered by your typical sports car owners club. We prioritize our car communities because they provide many opportunities to create lasting relationships both on and off the road. Our exclusive aspects are one way we create a sense of community.

Our compassionate and thrill-seeking members set the foundation for our community. We’re known for our curated events, which may be philanthropic, adventurous, or a combination of both. We plan things as a group to make the most of every trip, and there’s never been an event that wasn’t filled with memorable experiences. If you’re considering joining Fast Lane Drive or want to see what exciting events we have slated, read on!

Members-Only Events 

As an exclusive car club, our members-only events are limited to our group of drivers. These private events ensure that you’re driving among friends who share your interest in everything automotive. Our current members will agree that FLD-only functions give us anecdotes, stories, and memories to share. We’re a super close-knit community, and these events are essential for building that connection. 

Members-Only Parties

Sure, we at Fast Lane Drive love to drive, but that’s not all we do here! 

While we spend a lot of time on the road, we also like to gather off the road with our fellow FLD members. Sometimes that means hosting a local party, and other times it means celebrating the holiday season together in Palm Springs on a multi-day trip or visiting Las Vegas together! We believe that car clubs should emphasize fun and meaningful moments, and our members-only parties are certainly proof.

Driving Excursions 

Our members know the backroads of Southern California like the back of their hand and are just as well-versed in neighboring states’ as well. We explore the beautiful scenery in Nevada, Arizona, and other locations during our members-only drives. By driving among friends, you’ll certainly find that your adventurous drives not only get you to the most exciting roads but provide community once you’re ready to get out from behind the wheel for a while. 

Benefits of Joining Fast Lane Drive

Feeling excited about possibly joining FLD? You should be! We have so many members, and they give our events rave reviews. Exclusive events aren’t the only perk of FLD membership. Explore these great reasons to join


The people in Fast Lane Drive are all notable in their own ways. Our members are often passionate about business and entrepreneurship and exotic, classic, and luxury cars. FLD offers endless opportunities for members to grow both personally and professionally. Joining FLD could bring your next business deal, employee, or mentor.


FLD is well aware that members are driven to give back. We put philanthropy first with many of our events. In the past, we’ve driven as a part of a charitable event, provided our vehicles as a spectacle to incentivize visiting a charity event, or raised money through driving. While some car clubs focus on just cars, we know making a difference for the underserved is essential. We’re proud that our charity associations provide our car club members with opportunities to do good.

A Shared Passion 

When you join a car club, you want a group of people that share your passion for exquisitely crafted cars. At FLD, we believe it’s necessary to find a place where you fit in and feel truly at home — a perk our members often praise. This is a group of people who understands automotive love, both as a hobby and as part of a lifestyle.

Contact FLD Today  

Fast Lane Drive’s exclusive FLD events and perks like a well-connected community, charitable purpose, and members make it one of San Diego’s most popular car clubs. If you believe that car clubs should have communities that extend on and off the road, you belong with Fast Lane Drive! 

Explore FLD membership by filling out the “Become a Member” form on our website homepage. From there, we’ll ask you to provide information about yourself, as well as why you’re looking to join a car club like Fast Lane Drive. 

We look for people we think would be a good fit for our community! Don’t wait to get involved; we’re probably driving somewhere soon, and you should come along!