What Fast Lane Drive Did and Where We’re Going in 2021

A Lookback of 2020: What Fast Lane Drive Did and Where We’re Going in 2021

December 31, 2020 Cars, Community, San Diego

2020 has been a crazy year, filled with more twists and turns than any of the others we’ve experienced together. Because our car club is composed of such fun, friendly members, Fast Lane Drive couldn’t be more proud to be celebrating the finale of 2020 together. 

Despite all the challenges we faced in the past year, none of them managed to stop us from exuding the energy necessary to follow our mission statement and hit the road! 

Today, we’ll take a look at what our club has accomplished this past year, and what the road ahead of us looks like with regards to our mission, expansion, community efforts, events, and more.

Meeting Our Mission

Fast Lane Drive is a members-only auto club based out of California, but we’re more than a car club — and always have been. We limit our chapters to just 100 members each to keep the club community-oriented, and we ensure only the most qualified drivers join. 

Fast Lane Drive conducts a thorough admission process that involves an application, interview, and a trial drive, and we always promote diversity by being a community for both men and women. 

Together, our drivers have brought networking, philanthropy, and a passion for cars at our events throughout the West Coast. We are built of entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, software engineers, business people, and car enthusiasts who share a common goal — to unite our members by cultivating lasting relationships and leaving an impact on the community. 

While 2020 was filled with more windy roads than any route we’ve ever taken, we still took strides to do all it is that we stand for with each event held and ride taken.

Exploring Expansion

When we say we’re on the road, we always mean it! Looking ahead into 2021, Fast Lane Drive is looking to expand into new markets. We’ve explored so many exciting cities throughout our past trips, and look forward to taking the scenic route in other places in the years to come. 

Expansion is expected and necessary; while we limit membership to 100 people for optimum personalization and fun, we certainly have more people interested than that! We’re about to reach our limit for this chapter, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop growing our overarching Fast Lane Drive family. Check back soon to learn when and where we will be coming to a city near you.

Keeping With Community

Fast Lane Drive strongly believes in giving back to our community by supporting local charities.  Twice a year through auctions and fundraisers, Fast Lane Drive raises both money and awareness for charities that we believe strongly in supporting. Some of these charities are local, and others are national, but no matter where they’re at, they’re always important. 

Charities are chosen by member votes, which allows our Fast Lane Drive members to have a say in their community efforts. Because of this voting system, everyone always feels like what matters to them is being supported. 

Additionally, many of the charities are close to our members’ hearts — like Voices for Children supporting children in the foster care system when some of our drivers were in the system as children as well. 

In addition to these events, we also donate 5% of all profits to worthy causes. Some of our charity drives for 2020 benefited the aforementioned Voices for Children as well as Toys For Tots.

2021: The Year Ahead

Each new year comes with the opportunity to reflect and improve, and the year ahead holds big things for us at Fast Lane Drive. 

In 2021, we plan to amp it up with more charity benefits throughout the year and by introducing a networking-oriented collaboration to support our members and local businesses. We will also be hosting private track days geared towards enhancing the members’ driving skill levels while learning how to tame their vehicles. 

And of course, Fast Lane Drive will be planning a year full of even more adventurous drives and exclusive events on and off the road!

Don’t Miss Out: Join Fast Lane Drive

All in all, we at Fast Lane Drive are so happy we had our fellow members by our sides while we navigated through 2020. Over the years, we’ve experienced countless drives, events, and parties, making memories that are sure to last a lifetime alongside people who have become closer than family. 

As stated, we’re far more than an auto club, and couldn’t be happier to engage with our communities through an avenue that also pursues our passions. 

We’re close to maxing out our capacity, and it’s because of all the fun and empowering things we do! If you are interested in becoming a member, now is your time to live life in the Fast Lane. 

Apply to become a member on our site now, or check out our Fast Lane Drive YouTube channel for a closer look at our past events and drives!