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Get to Know Our Members: Tara Bosstick

November 5, 2020 Community, San Diego

The Fast Lane Drive community is always growing, but that doesn’t stop us from getting to know each other like family. From our events to philanthropy efforts, we often feel an instant bond with our fellow motorsport enthusiasts. As you learn more about Fast Lane Drive, we’d like for you to get to know our members, too. First, we’ll introduce you to one of our valued board members, Tara Bosstick.

Meet Tara

By the time Tara could walk, she always had an interest in cars. She liked to joke that she became her dad’s “son” in a way, as her brother didn’t have a significant interest in motorsports. Tara’s father played a big role in her life and encouraged her to go to racing school, where her performance surpassed almost everyone. She followed through with her passion by attending various training courses across the United States and participating in international rallies.

From her first car, a Mercedes C300, to the present day, racing and luxury sports cars have continued to be a defining characteristic in Tara’s life. Her interests outside of cars include learning languages, playing the piano, & riding horses.

Now, Tara resides as one of the board members of Fast Lane Drive, but she has been a member since its inception. She was introduced to our driving community by one of our founding members, taking on the roads with us ever since.

Tara’s Top Driving Destinations

When asked about her favorite west coast drive, Tara pointed out that driving her 992 911 4S Porsche south on 101 Coast Highway is stunning. For an all-day Southern California excursion, Tara recommends whipping through the beautiful canyons in Malibu and ending with a great lunch at Nobu. However, Scottsdale, Arizona remains her favorite destination she’s visited with Fast Lane Drive.

Tara’s favorite drives summarize the kind of events and activities Fast Lane has to offer. For more information on past and upcoming events, visit our homepage and our blog.

Tara’s Porsche 992 at a Fast Lane Drive event

Experience with Fast Lane Drive

Aside from the memories above, Tara values the philanthropic events she’s been involved in with Fast Lane. So far, her favorite charity we’ve raised funds for is Voices for Children. In the future, she would love to raise awareness of human trafficking.

As for the club’s future, she sees Fast Lane expanding as a vetted networking social club throughout the U.S. that is headed towards an international organization of like-minded individuals. A goal of hers is to make lasting relationships and share business opportunities within the Fast Lane community.

Like us, Tara sees her relationships with Fast Lane members as reliable and has built friendships up to be more than friends. Instead, they are family. She knows she could call anyone up at any point in time if she needed something, and they would have her back.

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For lasting friendships and once in a lifetime events, join the community at Fast Lane Drive. Visit our homepage to sign up and learn more about what we have to offer auto enthusiasts in Southern California.