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How it All Started: The History of Fast Lane Drive

June 15, 2021 Arizona, Community, Los Angeles, San Diego

In just three short years, Fast Lane Drive has become one of California’s most notable luxury car clubs, reaching 100 members in March of 2021. Today, the club is recognized throughout San Diego County, and most of its members feel they have benefitted professionally since joining. Fast Lane Drive is more than just a car club; it’s a family, a network of entrepreneurs and business professionals, and a group of philanthropists who have a passion for driving. 

Fast Lane has come a long way to achieve the notability and brand awareness it has today, so let’s take a walk down memory lane to appreciate the glow-up. 

The First Drive: Rancho Santa Fe

Fast Lane Drive hasn’t always had extravagant social events, private jets, and multi-million dollar European supercars. In 2018, co-founders Diaa El All, Clément Connor, and Giovanni Letellier thought it would be fun to enjoy a scenic drive with friends. In a group of about 6 or 7, they took off through the Rancho Santa Fe hills then met up at a local lunch spot to end the day. That first drive was a hit and encouraged Diaa, Clément, and Giovanni to start Fast Lane Drive officially.

The Rally

Not much has changed since that first casual drive through Rancho Santa Fe. Fast Lane has stuck to a rally formula that balances driving and socializing better than most. After meeting up for some early morning coffee, photos, and decal application, members hit the road with their maps and walkie-talkies, following a predetermined route chosen to excite. To end the drive, they’ll usually meet up for lunch to enjoy the time with friends. 

The Members

Fast Lane’s co-founders have always emphasized the exclusivity of membership. New members need to meet a few non-negotiables, like owning a European supercar, interest in networking and philanthropy, and commitment to attending at least three events per year. 

But new members must also complete a thorough application process that includes a written section and a face-to-face interview with the Board. Existing members recognize the value of the arduous application process, and new members are accepted to the group with open arms because of it. 

If you’re wondering what sets this club apart from the rest, we’ll give you a list. First and foremost, Fast Lane is one of the few car clubs (especially its size) whose members own their cars. Other car clubs rent out luxury sports cars for a day or hit the racetrack with loaners, but Fast Lane members get to experience their own McLarens, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis on the road. 

Another of Fast Lane’s core values is its emphasis on creating enjoyable experiences for drivers and copilots. Diaa, Clément, and Gio continue to raise the bar when it comes to making events memorable. 

From a private Nobu Malibu patio to private jets to a black-tie poker night, Fast Lane Drive hosts the best rally afterparties in town. 


What better way to support different charities than a supercar club? Fast Lane’s co-founders have emphasized the importance of philanthropy since day one and don’t plan on changing that mindset anytime soon. 

Most events are in support of a specific charity. Past events have included toy drives, poker nights, and simple cash donations to places like Rady Children’s Hospital. Diaa, Clément, Gio have always felt that anyone lucky enough to own their dream car can give back.


Fast Lane is more than just a car club; it’s a group of professionals who value the many networking opportunities that come with membership. 

Diaa, Clément, and Gio recognized the value of Fast Lane’s business network on day one and made a point to foster and build that network for their members’ benefit. Walk through any Fast Lane event, and you’ll hear members discussing the stock market, real estate investments, joint ventures, and even car sales. 

Everyone benefits from joining Fast Lane in one way or another, and the vast and diverse industries of its members keep members coming back month after month. 

Fast Lane Drive Today

The club has grown in a multitude of ways since that very first drive. In March 2021, Fast Lane raised over $20,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in their first annual poker night. With the help of their new Marketing & Events Director, Priscilla Soro, the day went by without a hitch and raised the bar for the future of Fast Lane rallies. 

Ask the members of Fast Lane what they love most about the club, and you’ll hear a multitude of different answers. Diaa, Clément, and Gio could not be happier with how far their small car club has come and have high hopes for the future of Fast Lane.  

Though San Diego will always be the headquarters, Fast Lane Drive will open its second chapter in Scottsdale later this year. One day, the co-founders hope to turn Fast Lane into an international car club with worldwide recognition. It’s this concept of legacy and networking that keeps them going!

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