Instagram-Worthy Spots in San Diego You Can Take Your Supercar

Instagram-Worthy Spots in San Diego You Have to Take Your Supercar

December 17, 2020 Community, Driving Routes, San Diego

There’s nothing better than hitting the road and enjoying the beautiful coastal or mountain scenery in your sleek and sexy supercar. As a group located in San Diego, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by endless natural beauty with hundreds of perfect backdrops for photos. Whether seeking a photoshoot spot for yourself or taking pictures of your car, we’ve got suggestions. Check out these top Instagram-worthy spots for showcasing your supercar in San Diego.

Sunset Cliffs National Park & Ocean Beach

One of the best places to traverse and take pictures is Sunset Cliffs National Park and its accompanying Ocean Beach, near the Point Loma peninsula. It’s easy to spend an entire day there, hiking, surfing, exploring, and sightseeing. The sunsets are gorgeous. Along this 68-acre national park, you’ll catch waves crashing into rocks, marine life scurrying amongst tide pools, and maybe even a sea lion or two. You’re able to drive along the coast and even take a pitstop at the cliffs themselves.

La Jolla

One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in San Diego is La Jolla—otherwise known as “The Jewel.” This coastal town juts out into the ocean, creating beachside property on three sides. It features stunning neighborhoods, quaint beaches, and even several coves. Pick a nearby hilltop to park, and look out over this vibrant San Diego hotspot. You might even catch a glimpse of Mount Soledad and the University of California, San Diego campus.


Embarcadero is a busy cruise-ship hub near Downtown San Diego, best known for its nautical attractions and Seaport Village tourist stops. Passing through will give you stunning urban beauty sites: aircraft carriers, cruise ships, sailboats, yachts, and towering architecture. Parking is just the right spot that will allow you to capture the beauty of this marina alongside the city’s bright greenery, modern aesthetics. The Coronado Bridge in the distance can create a sweep of drama behind your supercar. 

Point Loma

Point Loma is a San Diego peninsula known for its trails, tide pools, and more. Here, your backdrop can range from beaches to city scenery. Be sure to pass through Harbor Island for pictures of the San Diego Bay and Shelter Island’s sport-fishing fleet. You can even head to the very tip of Point Loma during the winter months and catch gray whale migrations.

Mission Bay Park

Mission Bay Park features 4,600 acres of water and shoreline. Most people spend their day here on the water, partaking in paddleboarding, waterskiing, kayaking, and other water sports. Find a spot from up above, or stop near Sunset Point for a super Instagram-worthy picture filled with palm trees and smooth water surfaces.

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is one of the most casual and cool San Diego destinations for enjoying the Southern California experience. It has an ocean-front walk, a pier, and miles of shoreline. Drive along its beachy urban streets, or find a spot in a nearby park to get a wider landscape view of this lively local neighborhood.

Balboa Park

If there’s anywhere to stop in San Diego, it’s Balboa Park. Known as a “photographer’s dream,” it’s more than possible to spend several days exploring this area’s many gardens and Baroque, Gothic, and Spanish Colonial architecture. While its1,200 acres are mostly designed for pedestrians, you’ll still find long streets with amazing backgrounds. Pullover to snap a pic of your supercar in front of fountains, well-maintained exotic plants, and more.

Carlsbad Ranch 

Carlsbad isn’t technically San Diego, but a quick 30-minute drive up the 5 will get you there — and with a supercar, you won’t mind the ride. Carlsbad Ranch features the Flower Fields: 50 acres of blooming flowers of every color. The fields are laid out in strips of colored flowers, and a bird’s eye view captures a nearly rainbow-like appearance. With these bright hues in the background of your picture, you’re sure to be Instagram’s hottest post for the day. Check out their website to learn more about predicted blooming times. The season doesn’t usually last for more than a few weeks in the spring. 

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve — home to the nation’s rarest pine tree — is a phenomenal feature of San Diego’s sprawling geography. The parks have salt marshes and endangered waterfowl all along the ocean. Most of Torrey Pines is meant for hiking, but Torrey Pines Park Road and North Torrey Pines Road run along the park. Take a drive around this national treasure, and you’ll likely find a picture-perfect place with cliffs and bluffs as a backdrop.

Stonewall Peak

Stonewall Peak is the end of a trailhead within Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, located in a small San Diego County city called Julian. Although better known as a hiking trail, the nearby parking lot gives you a backdrop of towering trees. Best of all, since these breathtaking views are typically traveled on foot, any pictures you take of your supercar out here will certainly be one-of-a-kind. If you can, go early — we hear it’s best at sunrise.

Take a Drive With Fast Lane Drive 

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