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7 Tips for Getting Involved in the Arizona Car Community

September 1, 2022 Arizona, Car Rallies, Community

Connecting with the right car community is about more than finding a group of people who like cars just as much as you do. It’s about finding a group of like-minded people that you enjoy spending time with or who regularly meet to build those connections around cars. Use our guide to get started with the Arizona car community, whether you want to start with local car shows or find a car club that fits your interests.

Attend Local Car Shows & Events

Arizona has no shortage of car shows and regular cruises for auto enthusiasts. If you’re in Scottsdale, you won’t miss the Rock and Roll Car Show. This Scottsdale event is the longest-running Saturday cruise-in, bringing car fans together since 1990. Visit the car show every Saturday afternoon at the Pavilions Shopping Center on Talking Stick Way.

If you’re planning a trip to Sedona, the Sedona Car Club hosts an annual car show each fall that features cars from various classes. That includes stock, foreign, hot rods, modified, and exotic cars. Much of the proceeds from the event go to the club’s scholarship program.

Start Your Morning With Cars & Coffee

Most major cities have a chapter of Cars & Coffee and a monthly car meet for auto enthusiasts who come together over a cup of coffee. Check with your local branch to determine whether there are any stipulations around cars and car owners invited to attend, as some are dedicated supercar meets or even closed to new members.

Use Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook are a great way to find Arizona car meets or local car meets wherever you are in the state. Smaller car meetups may not be advertised anywhere outside social media, even if they’ve become regular events. If you’re on Facebook, search for keywords like “car meet Scottsdale” to find car clubs in that Arizona city.

You’ll likely find the significant events first, like the Rock and Roll Car Show, but keep scrolling until you find a group that gives off the right vibe. You can find groups for supercar enthusiasts with dogs, meetups involving tacos, and groups for locals participating in Arizona car shows. It all depends on what you want out of your auto club in Arizona.

Find Your Arizona Car Community Online

Outside of social media, Google and sites like Topmarq are your friends if you’re looking for a car club or car events near you. Searching by city is the easiest way to find decent matches. You can also search by make and model if you want to find supercar fans that way. Once you’ve located a car club you’re interested in, see if you can attend one of their events to better understand what they’re about. Fast Lane Drive events include full-day scenic drives, opportunities to network, and philanthropic activities.

Connect With Your Neighbors

Finding the right car club for you may not even involve much research. Get to know your neighbors, including local car shops and car dealers. People who work with and around cars will likely know of upcoming events or informal car meets. Strike up a conversation with neighbors working on their vehicles. Their interests in cars may not only be limited to their current passion project.

Prioritize Community Events

You don’t need to attend an event focused primarily on cars to meet other car enthusiasts or learn more about car clubs in your community. Local festivals, organized sports leagues, and volunteer groups are all excellent avenues for meeting new people with shared interests. Pay attention to the booths at local community events in particular. A local car club may use those opportunities to advertise their group if they’re looking for new members. 

Join Fast Lane Drive’s Arizona Car Club

If you’re looking for an Arizona car community that’s about more than just the cars, Fast Lane Drive combines the thrill of the open road with a desire to improve local communities. Our Scottsdale chapter is a growing group of supercar enthusiasts who love their cars as much as they love getting involved in their Scottsdale community. 
Our car clubs are about networking, too. We value the importance of connection just as much as our passion for cars. Want to learn more about us? Follow us on Instagram or see footage from some of our past events on our YouTube page.